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6th International Oyster Symposium Cape Cod 2015

"The purpose of the Symposium is to be an instrument of goodwill, friendship and cooperation for all who have some linkage to oyster research, production, and use anywhere in the World."  World Oyster Society

         The Living Arts Institute is at work with the World Oyster Society, parent organization for the conference, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute and Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce locally, and RDS in Tasmania, Katy Davidson of Mangez-Moi in the UK, Rene Lavoie in Canada among others to create a dynamic, interactive, inter-disciplinary, forward-facing symposium.   Previous symposiums have been held in Japan, China, Taiwan, Tasmania. and Vietnam.  As symposium producer, The Living Arts Institute welcomes stakeholders to support this timely and important conference that will feature the latest in research and efforts toward oyster repopulation, disease control, farming, policy and economic development, and cultural understanding.  Running alonside the symposium will be an Exhibit/Expo.  Cape Cod Oyster Week (October 17 - 24) will book-end the conference with oyster cultural events of interest to both the general public and conference attendees. 

          The program will also include pre-conference excursions to oyster farms and reef restoration sites, tastings, an Oyster stage comedy to spotlight oysters and what oysters do for our water, coastline protection, and ensuring a robust and bio-diverse marine ecosystem.     

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