World Oyster Society's, 6th International Oyster Conference 

And Cape Cod Oyster Week 

"Millions in a bed make quite a team!  Who knew their value would accrue in

keeping our ocean clean and blue."  

                                               Lyrics From Cirque de Sea: An Oyster Tale Extraordinaire by K. Dowcett



Kahren Dowcett, Debbie Oakes (USA), Katy Davidson (UK), Tom Lewis (AU),

Dr, Mori (Japan), Rene Lavoie (Canada)


Cape Air, USA

Watanabe Research Laboratory, Japan

Mangez-Moi, UK

RDS Partners, Tazmania

Bedford Institute of Oceanography, Canada

Creative Response to Conflict

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Woods Hole Oceanographic Sea Grant Program 

Marine Biological Laboratory 

NOAA, Milford Laboratory

Hedquist Productions 


Massachusetts State Senator Dan Wolf

Massachusetts State Representative Sarah Peake

Barnstable Country Extension 

East Dennis Oysters 

Mass Audubon 

Mass Departartment of Agriculture 

Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce 

First Light Oysters 

Barnstable Sea Farms 

​NY/NJ Baykeeper 

​Scape, Inc. 

Union Oyster House

The Oyster Company

Wendy Levine

Waquoit Bay Reserve 

Andrew Silver Productions, Inc. 

Embode, Inc. 

UMASS Boston 

Senator Dan Wolf introduced Dr. Mori, the Living Arts Institute and the International Oyster Symposium 2015 Cape Cod during Dr. Mori's visit from Japan FOR THE OPENING OF CIRQUE DE SEA: An Oyster TALE Extraordinaire

Dr. Katsumoshi Mori, President

World Oyster Society

Oyster Research Institute