Cape Cod Oyster Week - October

 Promoting Oyster Farming, Tourism, Businesses and

Organizations in Barnstable County and Massachusetts.  

A week filled with all things oysters and ends with the 

Oyster Grand Tasting at the Sea Crest Beach Resort in Falmouth, MA.  

International Oyster Symposium 2015 (IOS6)

     IOS6 is an inter-disciplinary scientific research conference

of the World Oyster Society to share current findings, build 

collaboration, and advance oyster understanding and issues

locally and globally.  Leading oyster stakeholders, scientists,

policy leaders, aficionados, and oyster culturalists will gather

from around the world to the shores of Cape Cod.  IOS6 will

be held within Cape Cod Oyster Week.

Cirque de Sea: An Oyster Tale Extraordinaire, and Oyster Cabaret

     An aqua-cultural fusion of science and art, Cirque de Sea is a

rollicking family theater comedy and is as educational as it is

entertaining.  Utilizing giant masks and puppet imagery, this

teaching tale can be produced by theatres or schools and is a

feature of Cape Cod Oyster Week.  As a key element of 

Oysters 2 the Rescue, the play contributes to the STEM to STEAM

educational initiative. The Oyster Cabaret offers an evening of 

tasting and entertainment.

Oysters 2 the Rescue

    An interdisciplinary unit for students to dive into oyster ecology.  

Adding the arts to science, technology, engineering, and math, 

students will experientially learn through the super hero water 

filtering machine, Sammy Spat, the critical role oysters play, and

gain a deeper understanding of marine ecology and environmental stewardship. Themes within Cirque de Sea relate to human issues

and explore self acceptance, loyalty, respect, courage, and finding

ones place.


In response to the aftermath of hurricane Sandy, Paul Greenberg,

of the New York Times wrote of the once prolific oyster beds in

New York Harbor and the Hudson River:


             “Just as corals protect tropical islands, oyster beds created undulation

and contour on the harbor bottom that broke up wave action before it pounded

the shore with its full force. Beds closer to shore clarified the water through their assiduous filtration; this allowed marsh grasses to grow, which in turn held the shores together with their extensive root system.”


The Living Arts Institute is dedicated to moving the world to a better place.  The World Oyster Initiative spotlights oysters through edu-tainment, events, and education.    

Like the keystone of an arch, so are oysters to the marine ecosystem and by extension, to us! 

Oysters 2 The Rescue is the curricular unit for students to learn about oysters.  A STEAM approach (combining science, technology, engineering, arts/theatre, and math) students will learn through the super hero water filtering machine, Sammy Spat, the critical role oysters play.

​​  Working Towards a Better Future

   The Living Arts Institute Oyster Conference And Events...

The Living Arts Institute (LAI) is an non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to community and environmental betterment. Through innovative programming, family centered edu-tainment, and events, important issues are spotlighted to increase awareness leading to positive action.


World Oyster Initiative (WOI) is LAI's current multi-year program launched in 2012. Its purpose is to create oyster awareness for the benefit of humankind by highlighting the oysters’ critical role in water quality, marine habitat, coastal protection, and use as sustainable, nutritious food. The program has four mission strands:

​       ~ Cape Cod Oyster Week 

       ~ International Oyster Symposium 2015

       ~ Oyster Theatre - Cirque de Sea: An Oyster Tale Extraordinaire, and 

                                  an Oyster Cabaret

​       ~ Oysters 2 the Rescue, STEM to STEAM curriculum unit